Create your own stop motion animations


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Would you like to create your own movie using your toys? Maybe you have been one of those videos created by using toys which moves all around the screen and now you can create one of them with your own figures.

When you run Animator you realise that its interface is not a masterpiece, ok, but it is really useful and easy to use and that’s what we want from it, don’t we?

Once we run Animator, we choose a name for our future creation and we will see the images captured with our webcam and we find a Main button called ’capture frame’ that will be our preferred button. From then on, we will have to position the figures and press that button anytime we want to create the following frame. When you think you are finished, you only have to click the Stop button and the file will be created with name you gave to the video at first.

Animator is a free and useful program which lets you to create stop motion animations

which will surprise you and your friends. It’s great show off the movie director inside you.
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